Any California Real Estate with substantial equity qualifies**..  No payments, no interest; This is NOT a loan.

Apartment buildings, commercial buildings, house (either owner occupied or non-owner occupied), ranches, agricultural land, catfish farms, land with oil wells—–Any California Estate

CALL  213 787-5906 TO GET STARTED!

You will be contacted quickly by one of our staff. When we call back, we will ask you the type of property, address of the property, the very conservative value (quick sale price) and the amount of existing loans against the property. If you have no idea of the true value of the property, ask a local realtor. You may also email us at camcartpr@gmail.com

Contract terms vary from 3 months to 1 year. Truly no interest or monthly payments…. No Trust Deed or Deed of any kind will be recorded against your property; only a memorandum of contract…

You are probably expecting all sorts of extra fees… This is a contract not a loan; Although we profit from the contract, there are no extra garbage fees, title fees, appraisal fees, escrow fees, document fees, processing fees, recording fees, notary fees or extra fees of any kind… We do all this “in-house” and that is our secret to speed.

Though we are not affiliated with the Red Cross, we know how to save lives.


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Our small print isn’t really that small; It even makes sense.

* Some contracts have closed in 3 days, most in 5 business days. If there are judgements or liens to be paid off, there will be a delay until those release papers can be obtained.

** Sorry, these contracts are not available on owner occupied property if a notice of default has been recorded and still shows against the property.