About Us

Camcart Holdings was started in 2008 to meet the needs of people who had California real estate with good equity AND, needed FAST CASH and an alternative to an equity loan. If you qualify for a real estate loan we will INSIST that you go that route as the typical equity loan is , frankly, less expensive than a Camcart Contract. This is NOT A LOAN and there are no payments, no interest, no trust deeds; just a simple contract. The Members of Camcart are Cameron Kessinger and Peter Rosenthal, both long time Real Estate Brokers. Camcart acts as a PRINCIPAL ONLY and receives no commissions.

Camcart agrees to do a contract for one out of one hundred applicants. This program either fits your needs, or does not. Even if you want this contract, Camcart will refuse the contract unless we believe it is truly a win/win situation.

Though we have only been in business for a few years, we have more than our share of very happy customers.

We do not do thousands of contracts and have only completed 30+/- contracts. Take a look at our compliments area ( tab above) to see how good we really are.

Give us a call at 213 787-5906 and let us structure a deal for you..